Dr Bruce E Ellison MD Knee Arthroscopy


Mr. G.E., a patient presented in June with knee pain. Mr. G.E. could recall twisting the knee the previous Friday, and had been using a crutch to assist in ambulation since that time. Mr. G.E.had not been able to fully extend the knee. The knee pain reached 5/10 on pain scale at its worst. The pain typically increased with significant ambulation or activity. There was increased pain with certain twisting maneuvers of the leg. MRI of his right knee revealed questionable medial meniscus increased signal. After minimal improvement with conservative treatment and topical anti-inflammatory, Dr. Bruce E. Ellison MD performed a knee arthroscopy. Meniscus fragments were removed and the patient returned to normal function. A few days following surgery, Mr. G.E. noted that he no longer had the sharp knee pain that he had prior to surgery.